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The ultimate experience for culture lovers

Each performance, exhibition and show deserves the best possible result. With our fully integrated smart event manager, you have all the latest technology at hand to maximize occupancy for each show. With your own mobile app, web integrations and broad marketing approach, Tixxio enables you to create a unique experience for your audience.
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Dynamic Floor Plans

Let your fans choose which tickets they want to buy. With Tixxio interactive maps, it is immediately clear which seats are still available and how much a ticket costs. Of course, the floor plans are adaptable per concert and mobile friendly. Your own branding? No problem, the integration is flexible and fully adaptable to your corporate identity.
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State of the art integrations

Automated promotions

Say hello to the next best solution and take a leap ahead of the competition. Tixxio helps deal with the Cultural challenges of today, designed to stand out.

Automated processes

We enjoy taking work off your hands. We aim for smart solutions which enable you to have the best results, with minimum efforts. The financial flows to artists and impresarios are being handled automatically as mutually agreed. As a result, your events need 70% less administrative work. Automated marketing campaign? Just a click away.

Real-time insights

Get insights into how each show is performing. Thanks to the real-time data that is processed in the Tixxio dashboard. You know exactly how your theatre is performing at any given moment.

Smart marketing tools that work for you.

Insight before, during and after your shows? No problem for the automated marketing tools and real-time data overviews. Compare multiple events with each other and compare strategies. Do you see that one of your shows just needs a boost? Respond to the latest trends and communicate with your unique target group within the same environment.
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Popular Shows?

Tixxio can provide the biggest shows with scalability and the certainty that it will stay online during peak times. No matter how quickly you expect the tickets to be sold, Tixxio automatically scales up so that you can always serve your customers.
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E-commerce at its finest

Rich integrations

Commercially flexible, completely in your own branding. Thanks to Tixxio it is possible to fully adjust all sales channels to your own wishes.

Make Marketing Magic

All marketing expressions can be arranged in one interface. With a cross effect of all data, you come to insights that you would never have had otherwise.

Excellent Support

We are ready to help you when you need it. Thanks to our 24/7 support services, you can continue to focus on the shows.

All common payment methods, all common languages

As you may expect, you are PSD2 compliant with Tixxio and you can offer all common payment methods to your customers. In addition, you can offer any of your shows in any language and even tone of voice.
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Cashless Payment Methods

Tixxio makes it possible to offer cashless payments during your shows, regardless of the quality of the local internet connection. Forget about cash. Tixxio offers an all-in-one solution in which your catering is managed and each customer can pay by telephone or theatre card. Upfront or during the show, it is easy to deposit money and spend it at once.Fully automated and integrated with accounting software.
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