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Start with a 2-0 lead in the events industry and ensure that you keep winning with the all-in-one event platform from Tixxio.

Real experience starts with the passion for sport

Sport is an essential part of our lives. Tixxio is passionate about enabling the ultimate experience for the supporters and organisers of sporting events. Are you curious about what we do to achieve that? Read more below!

Build up the excitement upfront and enjoy during the games

We are all looking forward to that special match. It's time to see your favorite club or athlete in action. Tixxio offers the possibilities to optimally involve supporters in the approaching match and during the match itself. Our platform is designed to achieve maximum engagement. This starts with the right integrations in your branding, such as ticket sales, merchandise, engagement and much more.
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Primary and Secondary ticket sales. Safe and reliable within the same platform

With Tixxio you can easily organise a competition. A common problem is unauthorized secondary ticket sales. Thanks to Tixxio, these problems are now a thing of the past. Tickets can be resold, but without profits for the reseller. Tixxio is the first in the events industry that makes this possible on a platform.
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Winning features

Season card holders can rent their seat, if they canÔÇÖt come to the match

Avoid empty spaces and go for a full stadium. Give season card holders the option to rent out their seat and divide the income generated from the ticket sales.

Cashless Transactions

No more hassle with cash or coins. Go for a secure solution with cashless payment methods in your own branding.

New and used tickets

Extortionate prices are no longer possible thanks to Tixxio. The sale of second-hand tickets is handled safely and much better.

Dynamic Floor Plans

Multifunctional interactive maps are beautifully integrated for every type of sport. Let your supporters choose which tickets they want to buy. With Tixxio interactive maps, it is immediately clear which seats are available and how much a ticket costs. Give the supporter an example of the view with (360┬║) preview. Your own branding? No problem, the integration is flexible and completely customizable.
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Season tickets with the possibility of renting

Nobody wants empty spaces in the stadium, that's why we have a solution for this. We offer the season card holders the opportunity to rent out seats, for example when they are on vacation. Fully unburdened and automated.
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E-commerce at its finest

Rich integrations

Be flexible, completely in your own branding. Thanks to Tixxio it is possible to fully adjust all sales channels to your own wishes.

Tickets and merchandise together

No more annoyance with different webshops for different products. Give a pleasant experience with a nice sales flow.

Excellent Support

We are ready to help you when you need it. Thanks to your own client success manager and our expert support team, you can continue to focus fully on your sporting events.

Selling merchandise effortlessly

Supporters are proud of their team and want to show that. With Tixxio you can offer merchandise both separately and in combination with a ticket. Tickets and merchandise can be ordered in the same shopping cart and processed in one order.
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Cashless Payment Methods

Tixxio makes it possible to facilitate the hospitality industry through cashless payments, regardless of the quality of the connection. Forget money wagons, coins and extra security. Tixxio offers an all-in-one solution where all stands are managed and each customer can pay by telephone. Before and during the event it is easy to deposit money and spend it at once.
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Are you ready for a change?

Tixxio has the most complete platform to organize and manage your events. Let's get acquainted?

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