Expose cultural inheritance to the masses

Engage all generations with an easy and age-neutral approach

Visitors can now sniff culture from anywhere and interact with your exhibitions, learning all there is to know about each masterpiece.

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Cultural Excellence

Visitors want to experience Cultural excellence, feeling they are right there where history was made. Our educative and easy to use mobile apps and web integrations, are specially designed to engage visitors during their visit to the museum. Tell them all there is to know about each piece of art of period on exhibition, leaving an educated mind going home satisfied with knowledge and insights.
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Informative Floor Plans

Allow your visitors to get more details about the arts in the exhibition. Visitors can read more information about each piece and have a floorplan showing where to find what. Engage visitors by asking them their preferences and then guiding them through the museum accordingly.
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Excellent Support

Combine tickets with merchandise

Upsell easily with ticket + merchandise and give fans the opportunity to come to the show with the latest merchandise.

Real-time insights

Get insight into visiting numbers and turnover. Thanks to the real-time data that is processed in your dashboard, you know exactly when it’s busy and how the museum is performing at any given moment.

Smart event manager

Get a unique look at organizing your shows. All data comes together into one platform, giving you insights that you would never have had otherwise.

Smart marketing tools that work for you.

Insight before, during and after your event? No problem for the automated marketing tools and real-time data overviews. Compare multiple events with each other and compare strategies. If you expect periods with less orders, respond to the latest trends and communicate with your unique target group, all within the same platform.
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Peak Performance, delivered.

Tixxio can provide museums of all sizes with appropriate scalability and the certainty that its ticket ordering will stay online during peak times. No matter how busy you expect a day to be, Tixxio automatically scales up so that you can always serve your visitors.
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Point of sale

Highly valuable integrations

Mobile apps and Web Integrations in your own branding, powered with the latest technology. Take advantage of the unique features of our platform, fully customizable to your museums branding.

Make Marketing Magic

All marketing expressions can be arranged in one place. With a cross effect of all data, you come to insights that you would never have had otherwise.

Excellent Support

We are ready to help you when you need it. Thanks to your own client success manager and our support team, you can continue to focus fully on running the museum.

All common payment methods, all common languages

As you may expect, you are PSD2 compliant with Tixxio and you can offer all common payment methods to your customers. In addition, you can offer information about the museum, in any language and even tone of voice.
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Cashless Payment Methods

Tixxio makes it possible to offer cashless payments everywhere in the museum, regardless of the quality of the local internet connection. Forget money wagons, coins and extra security. Tixxio offers an all-in-one solution in which all stands are managed and each customer can pay by telephone. it is easy for visitors to deposit money and spend it immediately at any store or catering facility. Fully automated and integrated with accountancy software.
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